Ion Radulea

Ion Radulea


Company: River Development

Ion Radulea is the CEO of the local real estate developer River Development, present on the real estate market for almost 15 years already. Backed by a strong team of professionals with extensive experience in planning, developing, and managing real estate projects. Mr. Radulea manages the company's business with enthusiasm and dedication.

With the background of a design engineer, his passion to deliver impact projects, supported by personal attributes such as intuition, courage, lucidity, and desire, has proven over the 25 years of entrepreneurship to be the most important factor in achieving success in business.


River Development currently develops THE LIGHT (Iuliu Maniu Blvd.) and SEMA Parc (Splaiul Independentei) projects. SEMA PARC Master Plan implies a real estate development spread over approximately 41 hectares and a total built area that will reach approximately 1 million sqm on project completion.

Through the concepts, scale, and uniqueness of the ongoing and future projects, River Development aims to change the central-western area of ​​Bucharest, giving society a modern and harmonious urban space for people who choose to live or work here.


"Bucharest needs projects that contribute to the construction of a new cultural identity, as a European city.”