Florin Dobre

Florin Dobre


Company: FIDASmart

Florin Dobre is a versatile professional having expertise in three high-proficiency service lines: he is a lawyer – member of the Bucharest Bar, insolvency practitioner, and authorized appraiser – specialized on real estate valuations.


Since 2016, Florin has been a partner in FIDASmart – a boutique business consultancy company – built around a core team of lawyers and insolvency practitioners who work closely with outsourced professional advisers on financial, accounting and tax matters. Prior to setting-up FIDASmart, Florin acted as adviser on various matters to the shareholders of A&D Pharma – the largest pharma group in Romania.


Florin developed his passion and expertise in the real estate from the very beginning of his legal career in 2008, while working for one of the best-known law firms on the Romanian market – Pachiu & Asociatii, and he has kept close to this field ever since. Florin handles real estate transactions in Romania on a regular basis, while at the same time acting as project manager for various international projects involving real estate properties located in other jurisdictions.


Some recent highlights of Florin’s real estate activity as a partner in FIDASmart include assistance rendered both at the national and international level such as:

  • the acquisition of the Cambridge School of Bucharest and with the subsequent major investments made for the building of a new campus in Bucharest;
  • the construction of the MARe project – the Museum of Recent Art – the first private museum of its kind in Romania;
  • potential acquisition of a large commercial centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
  • short term (bridge) loan guaranteed by a property of 30,000 sqm in Tuscany, Italy;
  • cross-border acquisition of a block of flats by a private investor in Athens, Greece.